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Water Decoloring Agent
The range of Water Decoloring Agent is extensively deployed in effluent treatment plants, pigment production, printing ink, and textile industry for removal of shade with an elevated density level. Additionally, this range is employed to eradicate harmful mineral traces and chemicals.
This Polyacrylamide is available in powder form that is demanded primarily for expelling water matter from the slurry and alternatively, for processing effluent produced through different industries. It comprises non-ionic polyacrylamide powder, cationic polyacrylamide powder, anionic polyacrylamide powder and more.
The delivered PHPA Polyacrylamide functions by minimizing the liquid mobility by enhancing the density or minimizing oil recovery permeability in drive fluid. As per this procedure, the polymer functions as a liquid flow blocking substance. This chemical is broadly deployed in flood regions to constrain water flow.
The polyamine is a completely organic substance that is more than two amino groups. Inferable to this, this chemical is broadly included in the soil through fertilizers as to facilitate good plant development. It is suitable for fruit ripening, set growth, flower buds and more.
Oil Drilling Chemicals
The offered range of Oil Drilling Chemicals is highly acknowledged for its simple dissolubility in fluid and elevated polymerization level. These chemicals are safe against unpleasant smell and toxin content. Attributable to these features, these are considered as ideal stabilizers in varied industries.
Ferric Sulphate
Our range of Ferric Sulphate possesses an effective moisture content of over eight percent. In addition, this range is safe from any impurity that alternatively improves its efficacy rate. This range is available in white, off-white and allied shades,
Aluminium Sulphate
The highly acclaimed Aluminum Sulphate is deployed like a mordant in varied dyeing procedures to enhance the assimilation rate of color in paper and textile industry. Aside from this, it is alternatively deployed for regulating the development of algae in waterways, lakes, and ponds.
Water Treatment Chemical
The primary function of our Water Treatment Chemical range is to reduce the accessible water source effectively. This chemical is deployed for multiple applications such as to expel suspended particles, minerals, microorganisms, and different sorts of impurities.

Paper Chemicals
The primary substance is sodium sulphate in our Paper Chemicals range that is deployed for varied craft procedures to change over wood into the pulp of wood. Sometimes, caustic soda is alternatively included in our chemicals to enhance the pH level in the fibers pulping process.
Polyamine Poly (EPI-DMA)
This range of Polyamine Poly (EPI-DMA) is cationic in nature as well as possesses pH level in between four to seven. It generally has the ability to change over neutralize substances amid solid-fluid separation. In addition, this has cationic quaternary amine polymer like an active content.
Quaternary Ammonium Polymer
The delivered Quaternary Ammonium Polymer range is exceptionally acknowledged for having antifungal as well as antimicrobial characteristics. In addition, this range functions by disruption production of a bacterial cell wall in varied industrial applications. it has the ability to hold anionic agents from concentration.
Water Coagulant And Flocculant
Our Water Coagulant Flocculant chemical is highly acknowledged for possessing an ability to induce flocculation and break emulsions. It alternatively discovers varied usages in the paper industry for improving dewatering and retention properties. In addition, this chemical is regarded like chain transfer agents.
Polyelectrolyte Flocculant
Our Polyelectrolyte Flocculant range possesses an ability to effectively accumulate destabilized particles together to efficiently agglomerate them. In addition, repeating units of this chemical comprises an electrolyte group. This chemical is alternatively acknowledged as polysalts and their solution is considered electrically conductive in characteristic.
Color Fixing Agent
The provided Color Fixing Agent has quaternary ammonium cationic polymer that is greatly deployed in pulp and paper business. Alongside this, it possesses fifty to fifty-two percent solid content. This chemical is accessible from translucent to light shade sticky liquid.
Dicyandiamide (DCDA)
Our Dicyandiamide (DCDA) is available in white crystal powder form that has a minimum purity level of 99.5 percent. Addition to this, it is completely solvent in alcohol and fluid whereas it is almost insolvent in benzene and ethyl ether solutions.
Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)
Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) is the concentrated material that comes from PAC family. This chemical delivers an optimum basicity and alumina accessible in a balanced concentration form. In addition, it consists of an elevated level of neutralization and polynuclear content.

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